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The Roadtrip's Over

Title: Respect
Hometown: Szczecin, Poland

The Roadtrip's Over

The Roadtrips Over was formed in the early summer of 2004, which makes the story fairly short. It all started out when a bunch of friends from Szczecin, Poland, decided to play together music they loved. After some time passed when the music began to shape Maciek (guitar, vocals), Konrad (bass, vocals) and Kacper (drums) let others know about the tunes they had made up in their rehearsal room. The first show theyve given was at a large illegal festival in Poland. The reception they got was a positive surprise for the guys and made them even more committed to the idea of a serious band they wished to be. Then came the performance with a Swedish rock&roll band Blisterhead which sparked the series of other shows, mainly in the the roadtrips overs hometown. Even though theyve been playing together for only a few months the outcome seems to be quite impressive. The band recorded the first demo cd which contains 12 new songs. They did everything on their own using their home studio. This makes the tunes fully genuine.

The RTOs music is influenced by the American punk rock and pop punk which is still not very popular in that part of Europe. The music is based on catchy tunes full of energy, blending sorrow with joy. The lyrics touch on everyday life issues and their impact on personal emotions which tend to be frequently underrated and overlooked. Since the band is so young, including its members, it has been constantly developing and is yet far from its peak. The guys often spend nights in their rehearsal room working on their material. Since they do what they love to do it seems theres still a lot to come regarding the outcome. One thing will surely remain the same...sincerity of their music.
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