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The Phoenix

Title: How A Superhero Turns Into Evil Side
Directed by: Directed By Riccardo Frediani
Label: Still Life Records
Hometown: Rome, Italy

The Phoenix

It was the 2002, and the first idea of a band was born from the music passion of Edoardo and Andrea (both guitarists). The rest of the machine has Mario on bass, Vez on screaming vocals and Andrea "Secco" on drums assault. As many other bands, the Phoenix mantains his whole identity even if it blends many styles and music genres on his way.
The first period of the band was certanly influenced by the emotional-metalcore scene, organizing his songs with blackmetalling riffing, emotional partitures, and breakdown parts. That period coincides with the releasing of the debut-mcd "Snow In August" under the wings of the fresh and young label FireFly Companies. The response from webzines and public was really good, but the band, after planning his first euro tour, was forced to cancel and postponed everything. The story continues, and the Phoenix starts to play several shows in Rome with many bands, also appearing with Eighteen Visions, Throwdown and Comeback Kid on their Rome's dates.
But time changes many things, and the identity of the metallic-hardcore combo grew. The intentions extend the band's vision, a vision of a new music approach, trying to blend the most extreme parts of metal and hardcore, without losing the emotional side and the heart of the Phoenix. In 2004 the band joined the Still Life Records family which offered a split CD with the U.S. band Silence After Tragedy.
Recorded in the summer, this work brings to the world the new face of The Phoenix, the new approach and a fresh vision of what metalcore could be. Helped by some shows around Italy, which express all the passion and emotionts felt by the band's members, The Phoenix starts to express itself as a whole new band, not so far from the previous work, but sincerely different and new.
The response of the press is great, some 'zines keep eyes on The Phoenix with some good reviews and interviews.
Another year has passed by and the band, after playing many shows in Italy and around Europe (touching contries like Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia) and sharing the stage with bands like Every Time I Die, Undying, Stretch Arm Strong and From Autumn To Ashes, decides that it's time to record some new and fresh music.
During the end of December 2005 The Phoenix is back in the studio for the recording of Zero6 Promo, a new chapter with 4 brand new songs where the band expresses, once again, his new music style approach.
This hot cd is the new border of this un-metal 5-combo.
During the summer 2006 the band went to "Hollywood", to start the shooting of their first official video for the track 'How a superhero turns into evil side' directed by the director/friend Riccardo Frediani. In the meantime The Phoenix is planning a new Euro Tour for November 2k6, trying to touch as many countries as possible.
The Phoenix will rise again live on stages.
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