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The Electric Diorama

Title: Oh Dear, Now Iím Sure, I Hate You
Hometown: Rome, Italy

The Electric Diorama

The Elecric Diorama is a 6-piece band based in Rome. They were co-founded by Helio Di Nardo ( ex session player for Vanilla Sky – Universal Music ) and Francesco Catitti ( synthesizers and sound engineer for the Italian pop band Città Giardino -  Lead Sound Rec. , contestants at the Sanremo Festival 2006 final selections ) . The band started as a side-project, including also Vinx from Vanilla Sky on vocals, but very soon the project turned into a real band so he couldn’t make it being so busy with VS. So the band was joined by Andrea Poggioli ( Something Of Value ) on vocals, Riccardo Gioggi and Francesco Castaldo on guitars , Luca Marini on drums.

The band has chosen to follow the musical binaries covered by bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance, putting all together, and still in an unique way in Italy,  the musical impact and the melody of the upmentioned bands plus a more consistent use of synthesizers and electronic music. The sound that the band has shaped is personal and massive, very close to the Emo Punk influences coming from the US.

In May 2007, the band has recorded a 9-tracks EP called “Lifemale”, that will be out on October 12 for Nerdsound Records . “Oh Dear, Now I’m Sure, I Hate You”, is going to be the first single from the album and will be released in September.
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