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Title: Our Great and Secret Show
Directed by: Sitcomsoldiers.com
Hometown: Bridport, United Kingdom


Secondsmile is a four piece Progressive / Indie / Hardcore band from the small valley town of Bridport in the county of Dorset in the south west of England. We formed in 2001 and perfected our line-up in December 2002; the aim is to write original passionate music that is true to us as people. We are not just influenced by music but by all forms of modern culture; Films, Books, Art and by stories we hear, dreams we have and our existences in general. So far we have toured with three bands that are amazing people and musicians, these bands are Jairus, Aconite Thrill and Sparks Lights and Flames. We have two releases under our collective belts; a self titled two-track demo we released ourselves that earned us attention from Rock Sound magazine (an eight out of ten review and a space in 'Ones to watch for 2004'), and a four track EP we released via the record label BSM Records (WWW.BSMROCKS.COM); it's called 'I Am Not Romeo; You Are Not Juliet' and was released on October the fourth 2004. The songs available on here are all part of our old inventory, to here brand new songs go to www.myspace.com/secondsmile
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