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Title: Arctic Red
Directed by: Directed by Zero6 Studio
Hometown: Rome, Italy


Scenario is a Rome based band formed in late 2005 with the intent to create a powerful and original mix of hardcore, rock n roll, metal and hard rock. The band features members of several well known bands from Rome, and after a few shows, Scenario has already proved that they are not here to mess around by quickly rushing out on the road representing their hometown. The songwriting clearly represents how the band is ready to put their ideals in action, going back to the original mindset at the band’s inception; To have a rock and roll it as long as they can! The ironic asset is always present in the band, and this is their added value into the Italian music scene!They record all their own music, and have even shot their own music video. With plans intact for extensive touring starting in 2007, Scenario is poised to take over the world.

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