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Title: Nothing Left To Lose
Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark


With more than 150 shows and 4 tours in Europe and the US, PinBoys is about to become what no other Danish pop-punk band has ever been; Being one of the most hard rocking pop-punk bands in Europe right now!

Their talent for creating music with passion, energy and catchy melodies has made PinBoys a most interesting up-coming act in Denmark.

Inspired by bands from the whole punk-rock scene (Fall Out Boy, Story of the Year, Sugarcult etc.) as well as old legends such as Iron Maiden and Metallica, the band creates their own unique sound. What makes PinBoys stand out from the thousands of other pop-punk bands is the full use of both a male and female lead vocal. The two vocals have their own identity, but together they match in perfect harmony. Furthermore, PinBoys add loads of details and ripping guitar riffs, which put a lot of variety in their songs, but at the same time, the band always keep them snappy.

Live, PinBoys is a rocking act. They know how to make a party. At the same time PinBoys is very professional and eager to play shows at a high level. That means that what you hear on the CD, is what you get live. When you book PinBoys you get the real thing! The band has played most venues in Denmark, and all over Germany, the Benelux countries and the USA. They have played with great bands such as Donots, Die Happy, 4Lyn, 5Bugs and One Fine Day.

So far the music of PinBoys has caught the attention of thousands of fans from all over the world as well as loads of promoters, managements and record labels. Topping the charts at Garageband.com, massive airplay on several well-known radios and many good reviews in international magazines have made a stir about PinBoys. So far the band has done everything the D.I.Y. way, but still with a very professional attitude. Booking tours and releasing EPs has all been handled by the band itself. The hard work and great music has now given them a contract with the Danish management, Iceberg Records.

Here is band that knows what it wants and does something about!
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