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Dear Jane, I...

Title: Stayed Up All Night
Label: Verona Records
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Dear Jane, I...

Since forming in December 2002, Dear Jane, I... have emerged at the top of a thriving Toronto indie/punk rock scene with a shocking new concept – writing good songs. They bring to the game a new noise, not quite punk, not quite emo, but appealing to fans across the board. Their sound is a far cry from the whiny 16-year old anthems that currently saturate the modern rock scene. Sounding more like a Jimmy Eat World on amphetamines, Dear Jane, I... rely on technical, catchy structures, and a moving lyrical narrative that doesn't sound like it was regurgitated from everything currently being played on the radio. They draw comparisons to influences as diversely different as The Cure and Refused. Seemingly, everyone who listens to Dear Jane, I... takes away something different from the experience, but the one unifying element is always passion.

    Based in Toronto, Ontario, Dear Jane, I...'s membership proudly crosses boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender and musical influence. The line up is Jeremy Dove on vocals, Heather de Jong on bass, James Wells and Tim LeClaire on guitars, and Neil Uppal on drums.

    Dear Jane, I... have been busy. They've gigged relentlessly, sharing stages with the likes of Alexisonfire, Armor For Sleep, Death From Above 1979, Silverstein, and The Black Maria to name a few. In May of 2004, they released their debut EP, "Don't Know How to Begin", to acclaim from critics and fans alike, and have watched their following and reputation steadily grow ever since. In March of 2005 they played the Myspace Acoustic Stage of the Taste of Chaos show at Arrow Hall in Toronto, which featured The Used, My Chemical Romance, Underoath, A Static Lullaby and many more. In November of 2005, the band released their first independently produced music video for their song Stayed Up All Night which remains in rotation on MuchLOUD and MusiquePlus. They've made serious work of honing their song writing skills, and will be releasing their debut full length, "Hope This Reaches You In Time", recorded at Silo Recording Studios with producer Julius Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest The Hero, Sleeper Set Sail), in stores across Canada March 2006 through Verona Records.
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