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Spinlight City

Title: The Astronaut
Hometown: Miami, Florida, United States

Spinlight City

In just two years the band has solidified a brotherhood to which the members have contributed parts of their own personality. Having acquired pieces of each other, they formed a single unit comprised of friendly, charismatic and amazing human beings. Let's meet Spinlight City, shall we? Rayko is the most animated band member who can usually be found making new friends outside of your local venue, singing, and dancing. Rey is the quiet band member; he has a lot to say but his reserved attitude is what draws you to him the most. Tony is the funniest in the band; aside from being a serious musician, his antics are guaranteed to draw smiles from everyone around him. Joey is the most easygoing band member. His laid-back attitude makes it easy for fans to approach and really get to know and feel comfortable around the band. The band's self-titled EP was completed in the spring of 2007. Since then, they have gained recognition by playing shows at some of South Florida's most popular venues such as Studio A and Revolution. All of their hard work finally paid off when they were selected to perform on the Ernie Ball stage of the 2007 Vans Warped Tour. After Warped Tour they have continued to write songs and play as many shows as they could with bands such as Foxy Shazaam, Sherwood, and There For Tomorrow. Their continued effort has gained them a spot at the 2008 Florida Music Festival & Conference. Big plans are in store for Spinlight City, including a tour in the summer of 2008.

Rayko, Rey, Tony, and Joey's years of practice and dedication is the driving force that has gotten them this far and will keep pushing them to go all the way. They have continued to write songs and practice their live performance, keeping their fans on the edge of their seats and wanting more. What was once meant to be a jam group in someone's garage has flourished into something more meaningful, more alive. It has transformed into the sensation we feel today, known as Spinlight City.

Cristina Lamas 2008
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