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Above Them

Title: Raise The Game
Label: Inhaler Records
Hometown: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Above Them

This three-piece West Yorkshire outfit have put together a wonderful little EP here. Above Them have certainly got a bright future ahead of them... a very pleasant surprise indeed." - 4/5 BIG CHEESE ..

"They've hit upon some great tunes and ultimately boast a sound that is all their own - and this five-tracker will hopefully herald the start of bigger things." - 7/10 ROCKSOUND ..

"With some rumbling basslines and soaring vocals the band know how to write a tune... twists and turns with energy and passion, all without losing any of the spark or melody that makes it so good in the first place. Above Them are certainly good enough to make waves nationally, they now just need that lucky break. - 4/5 PUNKTASTIC ..

"The "Put Your Heart Into This" EP is a startlingly good release from Yorkshire band Above Them... I genuinely expect to see big things of Above Them in 2008. This band seem, on the surface, to have it all." - GLASSWERK ..

"Idlewild described early single Captain as "an innocent, frank nugget of noise pop magic". The Put Your Heart Into This EP is similarly, five tracks of forthright and unabashed rhythm and melody... This is an entirely surprise package - top-notch in its own right." - 4/5 GIGWISE ..

"Above Them are vitally important to the UK music scene: hooks that you could hang the world on, choruses that make your throat tear and a sense of earnestness and integrity that are lacking from most bands; this is one of the most essential releases to come out of the UK for some time." - 13/13 ROOM THIRTEEN ..

"It's clear that these guys know exactly what they are doing and they are steadily making their way towards credible rockstar status, I expect to see alot of them in the coming year." - AMPED REVIEWS ..

"Their debut EP, the excellent 5-tracker Put Your Heart Into This is an impressive offering chocked to the brim with massive riffs and soaring melodies, the kind that'd get Fightstar and Biffy fans foaming at the mouth with anticipation. It's no-frills rock music, packed to the rafters with a clean sound and a hearty wallop... these Yorkshire boys have the potential to become a household name in the near future - that is, if they want it." - ROCK MIDGETS ..

"Above Them just keep on getting better and better. This band is going to be huge, mark my words. Think early Kids Near Water and Hundred Reasons, think a mix of Small Brown Bike and Spy Vs Spy and you wont be far wrong." - 8/10 DIE SHELLSUIT, DIE! ..

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