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They Perch On Their Stilts
The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA
Filmed & edited by Team 916
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ok i wish you people would stop comparing. if you like the music, like it. if you don't, don't. just leave it at that you don't have to wet your pants over it like a bunch of freaking four-year-olds.
By mr.brightside1119 on Feb 24, 2008 @ 4:35pm

oh you guys are awful...i know cove isn't the best live, but still, it doesn't give you the right to trash him so badly. I love anthony, but i'm still pissed that he quit saosin in such a cowardly way...news flash, not everyone is perfect live, i love cove and i think he's an amazing vocalist. leave him the fuck alone...geez you people make me sick.
By xforever_scarlettx on Mar 4, 2007 @ 6:21pm

Uggg, that hurt. I still liked the melody but the vocals were just off for me. I am not going to sit here and try to diss Cove because everyone else already has but a few things that I really like about Anthony that Cove doesnt seem to bring to the table is that Anthony can sing the whole song. When Anthony sings it he doesnt have to let the guitarists take over all of the screamming because he can actually scream so it sounds good unlike Cove whose scream sounds pretty lousy. The second thing that i like more about Anthony is his stage presence. I do kind of feel bad for Cove on this because people are riding him about not having good stage presence but when he does actually move jump around and really get into it the vocals sound bad so idk what he should do. Anthony on the other hand can actually put on a good show and also actually make the sound song the way it is supose to. Not all of Anthony's songs live have amazing vocals but you can tell that he has a great voice and when ever i hear him sing whether it is one of his good days or one of his bad days his voice just makes me happy. I completly agree that Anthony is better than Cove by far but can people stop bring up Anthony. He was amazing with Saosin but has moved on to Circa Survive, who is one of my favorite bands, and isnt ever going back to Saosin. Cove is the singer of Saosin for better and worse so everyone is going to have to get use to him or move on.
Here is a sick video of They Perch with Anthony
not great quality but great none the less
By kev4243 on Dec 10, 2006 @ 8:19pm

cove has improved. ClostY10 and belvederepunk, whoaaa dude you guys can stfu. you and ur band is nowhere near saosin. neh dont even think about that. seems like ur bands got a better vocalist with better moves eh? haha funny, NOT.
By kickurass on Nov 13, 2006 @ 2:57am

Belvederepunk and I are friends.... he meant to write below.... just to clarify we are both basically talking to that idiot tylerwait219.... cuz we just wanted to help him fix his fucking brain!!!!
By ClostY10 on Oct 21, 2006 @ 1:47pm

Okay sooooo I just watched that video.... "They Perched..." is my favourite Saosin song ever and I feel like I just watched my own kids (if I had any) get drowned in front of my eyes.... first off Cove is complete garbage good god.... not even a chance of singing half as good as Anthony, all the harmonies were WAY off, and the only thing good was that sick guitar riff that made me love the song in the first place.... OH and to the guy who went on a rant about Cove.... You are just fucking stupid you idiot... I am a singer and I know how it is moving around on stage.... Yeah I agree man it's way harder to sing well when you are moving around and stuff AND it is much more difficult to sing a song you didn't right because it might not be the style or tone you are best suited for.... and I agree that this does not suit Cove.... the disgreeance I have with you is my reasoning for this song not fitting Cove.... Number 1 - Don't EVER claim he and Anthony Green are anywhere CLOSE to each other.... Watch Circa Survive buddy.... Anthony Green moves, and hits EVERY GOD DAMN NOTE.... he is one of the single best singers of all time.... Number 2 - Cove's range??? is one of the best you've ever heard??? Well how would you know??? Do you sit in the studio with them and listen to him sing??? No you don't and that's the only place you would find that out you fucking idiot.... because on stage what I hear is a guy who has to strain to hit notes that fall just UNDER the notes that Anthony Green DOES NOT strain to hit.... Oh and if you want to hear someone with range... try Claudio from Coheed and Cambria.... he might give you a little insight as to what range really is.... now how about you review what you think is good and bad.... get an education with regards to music.... and sit the fuck down because the opinions you carry right now could only make those who listen to them and agree WAY dumber than they already are.... Saosin died with Anthony Green.... have you heard of something called AUTO-TUNE???? Well if you had an ear for music and you knew about Auto-tune you would be able to hear the distinct sound change in Cove's voice in their new music.... that's the auto-tune moving his vocal tone up and down for him to match what sounds good..... it's NOT cove himself doing it.... you know why???? cuz he CAN'T!!!! So here's my advice.... pay some attention to the finer details of music.... please for the love of GOD go and find an ear for music because you CLEARLY don't have one.... oh and when you watch a video.... WATCH IT - COVE WAS BARELY MOVING.... HE WALKED AROUND A BIT WHEN HE WASN'T SINGING BUT OTHER THAN THAT HE STOOD STILL AND FAILED.... WHOA I UNDERSTAND NOW!!!! BLIND AND DEAF NO WONDER YOU ARE A FAN OF SAOSIN!!!! Fucking kill yourself man.... btw if you want to hear my band go to www.myspace.com/onlyweakness
By ClostY10 on Oct 21, 2006 @ 1:42pm

This comment is for all of the sad pathetic souls who are still in denial about the reality that cove is about as talented as an handicapped elephant. Don't even tell me for one second that if anthony green would rejoin the band, you would be just thrilled. You all still pretend that Cove is even half as good. First of all, he can't even sing his OWN songs, have you heard the live songs on their myspace, have you SEEN them live... DUMB! You're completely dumb if you EVER think that he comes remotely close to anthony green. And for that idiot above who thinks he knows what he's talking about.... you arent the only person in the world who is in a band, and your band probably sounds worse than cove. Anyone with anything more than terds for brains knows that cove cant sing period. It's all studio auto-tuning. He doesnt even write his own vocals, he just feeds off of everyone elses ideas: proven in the DVD. So basically you're all dumb idiots, and you should just hang yourselves now.
By belvederepunk on Oct 21, 2006 @ 1:28pm

you're a cool guy!!!!!i love this song so much
!!!!keep your spirit of freedom!!!its the best song......
By bangkit on Sep 6, 2006 @ 6:53am

you're a cool guy!!!!!i love this song so muck!!!!keep your spirit of freedom!!!its the best song......
By bangkit on Sep 6, 2006 @ 6:51am

hey for those who want to download the video, try right-clicking on the mp4 and then click save target as, and then browse on the location where you want to save it..
By schizomasochizt on Aug 23, 2006 @ 1:32am


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