Q : What is PunkRockVids?
A : PunkRockVids is a website created by Luca to offer videos and music to people who like punk music. We have teams of filmers all over the world who provide content for free, using their own time and money.
Q : Why are XXXXX and YYYYYY on your site? They're not real punk!
A : Take your 'real punk' ass over to another site that plays their videos then.
Q : Why have you introduced .mp4 .mov and .wmv video files?
A : With the explosion of portable video devices and new technologies mp4 has become a new standard, we can compress files to smaller sizes without comprimising quality and reducing our bandwidth usage. About the other formats , we post what the labels provide us with.
Q : How often do you post new videos?
A : Updates occur when the filmers and the record labels we have partnered up with supply us with fresh content. The prv team works extremly hard to bring the visitor content with the only compensation being filming/editing experience and aknowledgement from the artist and individuals who apprecitate the support we give them.
Q : Why can't I download XXXXXX video but i just can watch it?
A : Some videos are only available for streaming over the Internet and can not be downloaded to your computer. These videos are mainly links that record labels send us and we add them to the site to make it easier for you to find all your favourite videos in the one place, we still continue to allow all videos filmed by PRV to be downloaded.
Q : I REALLY NEEEED a copy of a show I saw on your site.
A : We don't sell vids AT ALL, or distribute them any further. What you see here is what you get (although there MIGHT be a few more songs from each show available from file servers on our IRC channel, #punkrockvids on EFNET).
Q : Why don't you put more vids on the site?
A : All this hosting so that you can download stuff for free costs us money, which believe it or not, we pay out of our own pockets. Please support our advertisers, spread the word about the site, and donate via Paypal. Growth of the site is the only way we can add more content.
Q : I have a query related to advertising on the site.
A : Contact Luca.
Q : I'd like you guys to come and film some of our shows and put em up on your site.
A : In many cases, this just isn't possible anymore due to the amount of shows we now cover. But if you email us, we will do our best to see if it fits in with our filmers' schedules. Don't be offended as in 99% of cases, we can't expend our limited resources to film small bands.
Q: I'm in a small band, please host our video.
A : Please contact our Promotions team on bands@punkrockvids.com. We are happy to link to your video in our 'Promoted Bands' section if we think it's good enough to pass the strict quality controls. Ok, so they're not that strict, but it must be a real, professionally edited promo video for one of your songs. No live/one cam efforts please.
Q : What happens to the full videos? Is there any way at all I can get them?
A : The full videos get archived by our filmers. No, you can't get ANYTHING from us, not under any circumstance. If we distributed stuff a.) this site wouldn't exist anymore as bands/labels would almost certainly shut us down instantly and b.) the tapes would almost certainly end up on eBay, and that's something we're strongly against.

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